9th  Competition Team meeting - Scheels 10:00am

17th  Competition Team Meeting - Scheels 2:00pm


2nd  All Crushers Practice  - CANCELED         

3rd  Competition Team Practice - SC - CANCELED    

9th  All Crushers Practice  - CANCELED               

16th  All Crushers Practice            

23rd  All Crushers Practice

24th  Competition Team Practice - Trap - Wyco

30th  Season Kickoff Fun Shoot and  Lunch


6th  All Crushers Practice Large SC event at PC

13th    All Crushers Practice 

20th  All Crushers Practice 

27th  All Crushers Practice

28th  Competition Team Practice - Skeet & Trap


4th  No Practice        

12th  No Practice - Happy Mothers Day  

18th  Limited Practice / SCTP Regionals 18 & 19

25th  No formal practice – Memorial Day


1st  All Crushers Practice           

8th  No Practice - KTA Shoot

15th  All Crushers Practice

22nd  All Crushers Practice

23rd  Competition Team Practice – Skeet & Trap 

29th  Limited Practice - KS State SC Shoot


6th End of Season Fun Shoot and Lunch

 Events 2019


10th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill - SC- CANCELED

17th  Competition Shoot, Pole Cat Creek - SC       

23rd  Competition Shoot, Powder Creek - SC


31st  Competition Shoot, KCTA - Trap


7th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill - SC

7th Competition Shoot, Wyandotte County - Trap

13th  Competition Shoot, Powder Creek - SC 


14th  ALL TEAM SHOOT, Cedar Hill - Trap


​5th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill - Trap

11th  SCTP State Championship, Wyco - Trap

18th & 19th  SCTP Regionals in Sparta, IL

25th  Competition Shoot, Powder Creek - SC


2nd  Competition Shoot,

Cedar Hill - Trap or Flint Oak - SC

8th  ALL TEAM SHOOT, KTA, Wichita

SCTP / KTA / AIM - Kansas State Trap Championship

9th  Competition Shoot, KTA - Trap Doubles & Handicap

12th - 16th  Competition Shoot

NSCA NC Regional Championship

29th SCTP  Kansas State Sporting Clay Championship - Belle Plaines (Wichita) 1:00 pm



​​1st or 2nd  Nationals Attendees 

Mental Management

5th  SCTP Kansas State Championship Powder Creek - Skeet -

Singles 12:00pm

Doubles 2:30pm


11th or 12th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill

Kansas State Sporting Clay Championship

13th  Sunflower Games, Topeka - Trap & Skeet

13,14,20,21 Sporting Clays,Topeka

15th  - 19st  SCTP Nationals, Marengo, Ohio

25th - 30th  AIM Grand Championship, Sparta, IL

Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap

Scholastic Clay Target Program

More information will be posted: 

time, cost etc... as we receive it.

Practice Schedule 2019

​​Practice schedule may change due to weather or other circumstances.