More information will be posted: 

time, cost etc... as we receive it.

​​Practice schedule may change due to weather or other circumstances.


9th  Competition Team meeting - Scheels 10:00am

17th  Competition Team Meeting - Scheels 2:00pm


2nd  All Crushers Practice           

3rd  Competition Team Practice - SC        

9th  All Crushers Practice                  

16th  All Crushers Practice            

17th  Competition Team Practice - SC       

23rd  Season Kickoff Fun Shoot and  Lunch

24th  Competition Team Practice - Skeet

30th  All Crushers Practice


6th  All Crushers Practice** Large SC event at PC

13th    All Crushers Practice**

20th  All Crushers Practice** (TBD Easter Weekend)

27th  All Crushers Practice**

28th  Competition Team Practice - Skeet & Trap


4th  All Crushers Practice** Limited SC,  Trap Fields

11th  All Crushers Practice**           

12th  Competition Team Practice – Regionals Prep  

18th  Limited Practice** / SCTP Regionals 18 & 19

25th  No formal practice – Memorial Day


1st  All Crushers Practice           

8th  No Practice - KTA Shoot

15th  All Crushers Practice

22nd  All Crushers Practice

23rd  Competition Team Practice – Skeet & Trap 

29th  End of Season Lunch & Fun Shoot

** Indicates Introduction to Shotgun Shooting Days

Trap Fields 11:00am

 Events 2019

Scholastic Clay Target Program

Practice Schedule 2019


10th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill - SC

23rd  Competition Shoot, Powder Creek - SC


31st  Competition Shoot, Claythorn - FITASC                 (TBD)


7th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill - SC

13th  Competition Shoot, Powder Creek - SC 


14th  ALL TEAM SHOOT, Cedar Hill - Trap


​5th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill - Trap

18th & 19th  SCTP Regionals in Sparta, IL

25th  Competition Shoot, Powder Creek - SC


2nd  Competition Shoot,

Cedar Hill - SC or Flint Oak - SC

8th  ALL TEAM SHOOT, KTA, Wichita

SCTP / KTA / AIM - Kansas State Trap Championship

9th  Competition Shoot, KTA - Trap Doubles & Handicap

12th - 16th  Competition Shoot

NSCA NC Regional Championship



​​1st or 2nd  Nationals Attendees 

Mental Management

10th  Nationals Attendees – Skeet & Doubles

11th  Nationals Attendees – Trap & Trap Doubles   

11th or 12th  Competition Shoot, Cedar Hill

Kansas State Sporting Clay Championship

13th  Sunflower Games, Topeka - Trap & Skeet

13,14,20,21 Sporting Clays,Topeka

15th  - 19st  SCTP Nationals, Marengo, Ohio

26th - 30th  AIM Grand Championship, Sparta, IL

Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap

Events we hope to shoot that have not been scheduled:

SCTP Kansas Sporting Clay Championship, Belle Plaines

SCTP Kansas State Skeet Championship