2019 Team

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Additional Costs:

KC Crushers Team Fees: If you are shooting 1 discipline, the cost will be $230.  If you are shooting 2 disciplines, the cost is $380.  Intro to shotgun- (short season) will cost $150. 

A competitive team will be selected in March. They will have a $200 fee due at the time of acceptance, in addition to the $380, two     discipline fee.

Name of Athlete
Name of Athlete
Name of Athlete

Pay $20 SCTP Registration

Intro to Shotgun


Scholastic Clay Target Program

Shooting 2 disciplines


2019 Fees​​​

Fees may differ for each shooter based upon how many disciplines they are shooting and what organizations they choose to join. 

All fees will be paid online. You may pay with credit card or Paypal.  

Required Fee 
​Everyone is required to pay the yearly $20 SCTP registration fee. Do not pay this if you have already paid it after September 1, 2018. 



Team Shooting Fees



Name of Athlete
Name of Athlete

Shooting 1 discipline


Competition Team Fees

Additional $200